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what is sintered filter disc

SS Sintered Filter Disc Introduction and Guide


The SS sintered filter disc is made from sintered wire mesh through laser-cutting. It can be processed into different shapes, like round, toroidal, square, oval, or fan-shaped.

metal wire mesh

Types of sintered metal wire mesh

• Plain weave sintered mesh
• Dutch weave sintered mesh
• Perforated metal sintered mesh
Types of sintered metal wire mesh
Production process

Sintering is a process that produces fusion bonds at all contact points of the woven wire mesh in a vacuum environment at high temperatures.
sintered filter disc

Benefits of sintered filter discs compared with others:

Filtration systems, utilizing sintered metal media for solids/liquid separation, have proven to be an effective and economical alternative to other separation methodologies, which may be vulnerable to pressure spikes, high temperatures, and corrosive environments.

Customized Service:

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