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what is a perforated filter

Perforated filters include a range of filter components in form of baskets, cones, cylinders, pipes, flat sheets, rings, discs, candles, and cartridges. Have wide applications, like air, oil, and liquid filtration system.

Different types of perforated filters are installed in different filtering equipment and have different filtering missions and applications. Take the perforated tube filter as an example:
Perforated filter tube is made of galvanized, stainless steel, aluminum, alloy plate which is perforated with different hole sizes and various shaped holes on it. Then the plate is shaped into a semicircle, and the end semicircle plate is welded durably with another semicircle together. The perforated filter tube is usually used as the core of the filter for filtration.
perforated filter


1. Filter liquids and air, such as water, oil, etc.
2. Sieve different materials and remove impurities, such as in the food, pharmaceutical, chemical, and environmental protection industry.
3. As various frameworks of filter elements.
4. Weaken the noise.
5. Used for granary ventilation.

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