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what are sintered mesh filters used for

Sintered mesh filters--"A good solution for water treatment and gas filtration".

What is a sintered mesh filter?

Sintered wire mesh is the combination of different layers of wire mesh sintered under high-temperature inert gas inside the furnace. 

structure of sintered mesh filter

What are sintered mesh filters used for?

Sintered mesh filters are widely used for water treatment, gas purification, and solid particle separation. Like:
● Water treatment and gas filtration.
● Filtration of highly viscous liquids.
● Air flow distribution control.
● Separation and recovery of solid particles.
● Transpiration cooling under high temperature.
● Noise reduction and current limitation.

What are the types of sintered mesh filters? (and their applications)

Type 1: 5 layers of sintered wire mesh with the most comprehensive applications in almost all the filtration and separation scenarios.
Type 2: multi-layers of plain weave mesh diffusion bonded. It is more suitable in applications with high flow rates.
Type 3: sintered wire mesh with perforated metal. The perforated metal is sintered with other layers of wire mesh to give robust support for applications with high pressure and other tough requirements.
Type 4: sintered with two or three layers of plain Dutch weave mesh. This type is suitable for the application of aeration, fluidizing, powder handling, air drying, etc.

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