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Wire Mesh Sintered Filter

Wire Mesh Sintered Filter

Wire Mesh Sintered FilterWire Mesh Sintered FilterWire Mesh Sintered Filter
Wire Mesh Wire Mesh
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Details of Wire Mesh Sintered Filter:

Wire Mesh Sintered Filter are 5 - 7 layers woven or perforated stainless steel wire mesh overlapped together, and then sintered in the vacuum sintering furnace. The filters has excellent properties of resistance corrosion and resistance high-temperature. It is a common used for liquid and gas filtration in petroleum, polyester, pharmacy, chemical fiber, food and beverage, and water treatment industries

Advantages for stainless steel wire mesh Sintered Filter

High strength and durability since high temperature sintering.
Anti-corrosion, and heat resistance up to 480 °C.
Steady filter rating from the 1micron to 100 micron.
Filter mesh not easy to deform because of two protective layers.
Can used for uniform filtration in high pressure or high viscosity environment.
Suits for cutting, bending, punching, stretching, and welding.

Application for wire mesh Sintered Filter

1. It is mainly used for air conditioning, purifier, smoke lampblack machine, air filter, dehumidifier and filter, etc.
2. Suitable for different kinds of filter, dust removal and separation requirements.
3. Suitable for petroleum, chemical, mining, food, pharmaceutical, coating and other filter from all walks of life.

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