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Copper-Nickel Filter for Seawater

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Details of Copper-Nickel Filter for Seawater:

Seawater systems are used by many industries such as shipping, offshore oil and gas production, power plants and coastal industrial plants. The main use of seawater is for cooling purposes but it is also used for fire-fighting, oil field water injection and for desalination plants.


Economic factors have to be considered in selecting materials for these systems and in this context, essentially two types of system can be considered, as follows:


1.A low initial cost system largely based on carbon steel and cast iron which will require considerable maintenance over the life of the plant.

2. A system based mainly on alloy materials which, if correctly designed and fabricated, will require minimum maintenance and will function reliably.


Copper-nickel alloys are extensively used in seawater filter system because of their good electrical and thermal conductivities, corrosion resistance, and ease of fabrication of the equipment.


Over several decades, many thousand of tons of the copper-nickel have been used as a seawater piping material in marine engineering.


Therefore, our factory has specially designed a copper-nickel wedge wire screen filter for seawater filtration system, which can be effectively and quickly applied in the seawater treatment system, and the corrosion resistance is stronger than that of ordinary filter elements.




Wedge wire structure prevents the filter from most of clogging.

Wedge wire structure withstands heavy pressure load.

Precise location of flange holes assure easy installation.

Material Cu-Ni provides perfect resistance of corrosion, especially working in seawater


Copper-Nickel filter for seawater

Copper-Nickel filter for seawaterCu-Ni filter

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