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Stainless steel Pleated Filter with purification function

2022-08-30 By zhaozhao

Stainless steel Pleated Filter with purification function

What is a pleated filter?

A pleated filter is an air filter that uses a folding pattern with its media (hence the name “pleated” filter). By pleating the media, these filters can have an increased surface area and density while minimizing the reduction in airflow. In other words, pleated filters can collect more particles than standard throwaway filters without increasing your air conditioner’s energy consumption.

Pleated filter  cartridges are surface filters that prevent sediments from passing though the surface. 

The micron rating of pleated cartridge filters is more precise than string wound or melt blown variants – hence it is the popular choice for critical applications and production of high-purity and sterile water.

The Pleated Filter Cartridge tolerates extreme thermal ranges and differential pressures while providing an extended service life and excellent dirt-holding capacity.

Typical Applications: 

Used for a wide variety of applications from clarification and pre-filtration to sterile filtration:

Cryogenic Fluids

Aggressive Chemicals

High-Pressure Steam


Corrosive Gases

High-Temperature Fluids


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