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Powder sintered filters for Gas Filtration and Purification

2023-01-04 By zhaozhao

When it comes to filtration and purification of air, bulk gas, or spec gas, YUBO has the expertise, the technology, and the solution to meet your needs.

The Powder sintered filters are the best filter element for air/gas Filtration and Purification.

What is Sintering?

Sintering is a technology that fuses particles together by using heat and pressure without melting the metals. Various metals are sintered to engineer filter equipment, elements, and different type of cartridges with a variety of pore-size structures and compositions.

Powder sintering is a metallurgy process where metal powder mass becomes a compact body called ‘sintered’ after being heat treated in a temperature just below its melting point. A similar process is baking (calcination).

Powder sintered filters for Gas Filtration and Purification

Why Choose Sintered Metal Filters?

Sintered metal filters are robust and exhibit excellent performance for the separation of particulate matter from either liquid or gas process streams. The filter media is fabricated from metal power or fiber and sintered to form filter elements. These filter elements can withstand higher temperatures as compared to other filter elements. Along with high-temperature resistance, corrosion is also another criterion where sintered elements prove superior. Additionally, the cost of ownership of sintered filter systems is considerably low as they can be cleaned via ‘blowback cleaning’ multiple times and reused with the same filtration efficiency.

The sintered filter systems and elements are critical in achieving effective particulate removal to protect equipment, meet environmental regulations and achieve successful cost-effective filtration operations.

Whether for point-of-use or bulk gas delivery, in the chamber or on the wafer, in the cleanroom or on a tool, YUBO provides high-performance gas and air purification and filtration products to meet your needs.

Powder sintered filters for Gas Filtration and Purification

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