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Powder Sintered Filter for Medical

2022-06-01 By zhaozhao

Our Powder Sintered Filters are used in a variety of industrial and specialty filtration systems in mission critical environments. Our filters into everything from semiconductor manufacture to medical equipment to automotive applications.


In the medical sector, our powders filters are used within critical flow control and filtration components in a variety of applications.

Our filter powders typical operate in porous flow restrictors, such as those that control ventilator oxygen flow while needing to withstand high pressures and remain clog-free.

 Powder Sintered Filter for Medical

Powder Sintered Filter Characteristics:

  • High and stable filtration rate
  • Fast flow rate
  • High dimensional accuracy
  • Less burr and flecks


Our filter grade powders are available in a wide range of particle size distributions and are uniquely suited to produce sintered porous metal filters for demanding applications. Typical materials include a wide number of commercial alloys specifically tailored for filter applications.


The alloys available include but are not limited to high performance Stainless Steels, Hastelloys, Monels, Nickel. We produce these alloys specifically for sintered filters in tightly controlled size distributions for liquid and gas filtration. We routinely produce with different sizes of filter product and are happy to take on the challenge of exacting, custom specifications.


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