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What techniques can improve the quality of filter screen plate

2020-05-19 By zhaozhao

At present in the construction field, filter sieve plate is widely used, but put on the quality of the performance requirements are higher, improve the quality to meet customer needs is the enterprise in the first place to consider the. The enterprise can through what technical means to adjust and control the quality of plate? UBO, filter screen plate factory staff to explore with you under.
1, enhance the adhesive force between the composite plate of the composite, the need to use high weather resistance of the adhesive, so that the adhesion between the layers of the material to a certain level.
2, the need to select the composite plate of high density inorganic board, enhance the performance and oxidation resistance of the product, and delay the aging of the bonding agent between the inorganic board and insulation board.
3, the use of professional plate bonding mortar, the finished plate affixed to the wall, enhance the bonding strength of products.
4, the plate light design, reduce the quality of the product itself, the product itself to reduce weight.

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