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Stainless Steel Mesh for Filter Discs

2020-01-08 By zhaozhao


Our stainless steel wedge wire can be used for filter discs to meet the plastic and rubber products and the synthetic fibre industry.

Material:SS304, SS304L, SS316, SS316L

Mesh Range

Plain weave and twill weave: 20mesh to 500mesh

Dutch weave:12x64mesh,24x110mesh,30x150mesh,40x200mesh,50x250mesh,60x300mesh etc.

Roll width: 1.0m

Roll length: 30.0m

To achieve your precise filter disc requirements we provide the following

1) Welding

2) Spot welding

3) Press forming

4) High speed cutting of plain discs

5) Slit to width rolls

6) Cut pieces

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