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Metal Powder Sintered Filters

2020-07-06 By zhaozhao

Powder sintering is a metallurgy process where metal powder mass becomes a compact body called ‘sintered’ after being heat treated in the temperature just below its melting point.

Sintering technology is also ideal for the development and manufacture of filters. The process is the same as with traditionally sintered components, but the variation of pore size and carefully controlled pore distribution are utilized to produce components with a filtering function.

Sintered components’ special property in terms of porosity is utilized to produce filters that do not suffer from the same shortcomings as conventional solutions. 

The sintering process holds the material together so that stainless steel metal powder sintered filters are both stronger and better than conventional filters.

In addition:

1. Powder sintered filter's wide range of filtration rating capability (0.1μ~200μ)

2. Outstanding heat resistance (Max. 950℃) due to the material used (special metals such as stainless steel)

3. Superior durability (against wear and impact) compared to paper, plastic, or ceramic materials.

4. Excellent backflushing performance

Stainless Steel Powder Sintered Filter is our main products, we can custom products as your require and application industry.
Stainless Steel Powder Sintered Filter
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